Am i using too many skincare products on my face?

I am really big on keeping my skin clear and healthy, and I’m really just asking because I don’t want to be using a lot of products that are harsh on my skin NOW, and dont show the damages they’ve done until it’s too late down the road to fix/prevent anything..

I am 15, and I get the occasional blemishes here and there.

Is this too much?

-Clearasil Ultra Daily face wash (for those blemishes… lol)
-Eucerin everyday protection face lotion spf 30

after i remove my makeup
-Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
-Cetaphil moisturizing lotion

Once a week:
-Neutrogena oil free acne wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub (not for acne, i just needed a scrub & i LOVE the smell)

Once a month:
-queen helene mint julep masque
-biore pore strips

thanks :)
thanks Tabitha Nigel, the only problem I have with just cleansing my face with water in the morning is that I have combination skin so some areas of my face will be really oily when I wake up, and before I go to bed :) so thats why I need the cleansing 2 times a day