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The Secrets of Inner Beauty

Inner beauty is the best kind of beauty anybody can possess. To achieve it, we need to put in more time and effort. Unlike looking good physically, achieving inner beauty can take many years—even a whole lifetime to achieve. Still, the process of attaining it can be very enlightening and fulfilling and it is never […]

Look Young and Stay That Way!

It’s the ultimate irony of life – we spend all our youth wishing we were older and once we are older we wish we were young again. While it isn’t possible to go back in time, it is very possible to stop (and sometimes even reverse) the aging process so that you feel and look younger. The key elements of looking […]

Live To Be A Hundred

When we were younger we were told that thanks to the advances in medical science that we could expect to live to be well over 100. However, decades later the average median age for Americans is still while under 100 – for women the average is 83 and for men the average age is only 75. Things […]

Feel as Beautiful as You Look

Our society strongly pushes everyone to look their best, but what it tends to overlook is that it is more important to feel great then it is to look great. This is one of the secrets of inner beauty – if we feel beautiful, than we will look beautiful, so we must continually find ways to keep […]

The use of apo-metronidazole for skin conditions

I had a bad, bad break-out on Friday and ended up with a smattering of red spots and white pustules all over my face. Although it has improved a bit, I went to the doctor today anyway, since I’m not an acne sufferer. She hemmed and hawed about what it might be, speculating that it might be rosacea […]