Dental Tips for Seniors to Keep a Healthy Mouth

People of various age groups must give great importance to dental care particularly when they become older, when oral hygiene is much more important.

Elderly people can look at the following dental tips to stay away from normal teeth loss, gum disease and root decay.

Check the tooth brush

Elderly people need to consider the very last time they switched their tooth brush. Is it the identical model and brand of tooth brush since Nixon was still being president? Does the unit use the best bristle firmness? What exactly is best for them, electric or manual toothbrushes?

Apart from brushing with excessive pressure, the bristles could be very stiff. They need to ask their dentist regarding the type of tooth brush needed by elderly people.

As advised by dental experts, a toothbrush must be changed every Three or four months or perhaps sooner, if the bristles are abnormal or even worn-out. If you find harmful bacteria left behind within the teeth even after brushing, this will trigger serious issues including gingivitis and periodontitis.


They must floss their teeth day-to-day. Utilizing a standard dental floss is considered the most effective solution to thoroughly clean tight spaces in between your teeth.

You will find some who choose to utilize a water pick or even an oral pulsated irrigator to get rid of the food remains between their teeth. It will not be as helpful as regular dental floss however it is a great option for flossing when it is not possible.

Avoid Smoking

Smokers experience double the unfortunate risk non smokers in getting gum disease. Apart from the dangerous effects of smoking tobacco, it weakens immune system along with overall wellness, making it more difficult to fight back gingivitis.

Stay Healthy

Dental issues can be brought on by several health problems, especially diabetes. For that reason, it is advisable to eat healthy, naturally healthy meals from the standard food groups to enhance healthy gums or teeth.

This is not just a wonderful dental tip but also a long term suggestions for elderly people.