Feel as Beautiful as You Look

Our society strongly pushes everyone to look their best, but what it tends to overlook is that it is more important to feel great then it is to look great. This is one of the secrets of inner beauty – if we feel beautiful, than we will look beautiful, so we must continually find ways to keep our bodies performing and feeling at their optimal levels if we want to radiate the beauty that is inside all of us.

What is beauty? Instead of pushing us to improve our bodies and minds in a natural and healthy way with correct beauty tips, society has driven us all to strive for a level of physical perfection that cannot be reached by the vast majority of us (even with the assistance of beauty salons, plastic surgery, beauty supplies & cosmetics and other medical procedures). Since most of us will never look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie no matter how much time or money we spend on improving ourselves, it is important to understand that striving for this type of beauty is a paradox, as by striving to meet society’s standards of beauty we lose some of our own unique beauty in the process. What society should be pushing us to do is to ignore surgeries and other strenuous beauty activities (tanning, excessive waxing, etc.) and focus on what we can control – what we eat and what we do with our bodies, in order to keep them as healthy as possible.

There are a variety of ways you can choose to find natural beauty by using one of the best modern diets available, by exercising, or by using organic and all-natural beauty products to make sure your body is getting the nutrition it needs and is constantly being flushed with waste and toxins.  Re-thinking exercise will help you take a new approach to working out – this should not be a chore, but instead a test of your physical limitations and will-power. By consistently holding ourselves to high physical standards we strengthen our resolve to reach our goals, whatever they may be.

By taking a new approach to physical activity and nutrition as integral parts of your day you will begin to not only notice dramatic improvements in looking healthy and beautiful, but more importantly in how you feel healthy and beautiful. Another secret of inner beauty is that it doesn’t matter how beautiful you look if you don’t feel the same way – by changing our perception of what beauty is we can learn that meeting modern cultural norms of health and beauty is not what we should be striving for. Instead, we should strive to strengthen our minds and bodies in a healthy, productive way, insuring that we not only improve how we look, but more importantly we improve how we feel about what real beauty is.

Infographic provided by Hair by Dr. Max, a trusted source for hairline surgery