Hot flash on pregnant woman

Menopausal women are believed to only have hot flashes. There are some medical conditions like low blood sugar, low blood pressure and hyperthyroidism that cause hot flashes. Male hot flashes amongst prostate cancer patients are common. A few pregnant women also suffer from hot flashes.

Estrogen levels tend to fluctuate in some women during pregnancy. Even among menopausal women, where 75% suffer from hot flash. Actually, it is not the level of estrogen or other hormones that cause the problem, but the fluctuating hormone levels. Hot flash is a hot feeling on the body particularly on the neck and the face, making the face red and may be accompanied by dizziness, sweating, heart ache and heat palpitation. These can last from a few seconds to an hour. Once of the prime causes of hot flashes is stress and anxiety and these is what a pregnant woman all have.