Inexpensive Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin

If you are looking for a way to take care of your skin without breaking the bank, then you need to take a look around the house for some items that can be used for skin care.  Many of these items can be found in the medicine cabinet as well as the kitchen.  They can work well for skin care, including problem skin care.

Cucumbers Over The Eyes

This is an old remedy and works to alleviate dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles are formed because of broken capillaries under the eyes.  The extract from the cucumbers can sooth these capillaries and alleviate the look of dark circles, which appear like a black and blue bruise.  If you want to have fresh, bright eyes, you can do so by slicing up a cucumber, putting a slice on each eye while closed and sitting still for twenty minutes.  This can do wonders and does not cost very much money at all.  It will also relieve tired eyes.

Do Not Hold The Mayo!

Use mayo after your shower and rub it into your body.  Then rinse with cold water.  This will make your skin soft and supple, but not oily.  Mayo can also be used for your hair as well and makes an excellent conditioner.  Years ago, before hair conditioners became popular on the market, women often used mayonnaise as a way to condition their hair without making it too greasy.

Egg Whites As A Mask

If you are looking for a facial mask that will clear up oily skin, look no further than egg whites.  Egg whites can be beaten until foamy and then applied to the skin.  Allow the mixture to dry and then rinse.  This will not only clear up oily skin, but it will also tighten skin.  If your skin is oily or even sagging, you can do wonders with an egg white mask.  It costs pennies on the dollar as compared to expensive store masks, but works just as well.

Witch Hazel For Blemishes

Want to clear up blemishes?  Try Witch Hazel.  This astringent is available in just about any drug store for under one dollar and works just as well as an expensive wash that you will get if you purchase a skin care kit.  Use a good cleanser, the Witch Hazel and a Vitamin E moisturizer that you find in the drug store and you will get the same results as you would if you paid nearly $100 for a skin care regimen.

Many of the products that you purchase for skin care are made from chemicals.  Often, you can get the same beauty treatments from natural products.  It is also worth noting that good skin care starts from what you eat and drink.  Drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods that are high in vitamins and avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol and you will have better looking skin.  Also,  make sure that you get your beauty sleep as this is crucial to having younger, more attractive looking skin.

Resource:  If you are looking for skin care items, you can often find inexpensive skin care in the home.  For more information, go to Beauty Daily.