Meals for mums

So, the whole premise behind Healthy Mum, Happy Baby is to make it easier to cook and eat well when you have a new baby. The team behind Meals for Mums, however, has taken that one step farther. They deliver healthy, home cooked, ready to heat and eat meals right to your door. Their food is great – it really is healthy, but not that kind of “I’m-eating-this-because-I-know-it’s-good-for-me-but-it-tastes-awful” healthy way, but actually yummy healthy.

They offer meals for adults, kids, snacks and light meals. So far our favourite is their Coconut Chicken Bowl – and we want to try lots of new treats from their spring menu.

Their meals are all fresh – which makes it hard to stock your freezer for an upcoming arrival – but many of them can be frozen, and when they deliver once a week, suddenly stocking your freezer is less urgent!

Currently they only deliver in Vancouver, but rumour has it their food will be available to a wider audience soon.

We’re in favour of anything that makes healthy eating easier for mums – we figure a copy of Healthy Mum and a gift certificate to Meals for Mums would be the ultimate shower gift, but then we’re a little biased…