Mediterranean Stuffed Swordfish Recipe

1. swordfish (1pound)
2. fresh spinach (2 cups)
3. garlic crushed (2 cloves)
4. fresh lemon juice (1 tbsp)
5. olive oil (1cup)
6. chopped parsley (1tbsp)

1. Clean the swordfish and cut a 2 inch steak out of it. Make a deep slit in the steak. Now mix one tbsp olive oil and lemon juice. Apply this to the fish with a brush. Keep the fish aside.

2. Wash and clean the spinach and cut into very small size. In a small pan heat a small amount of olive oil and add crushed garlic and spinach to it and cook till it’s very tender.

3. Now fill this spinach in the slit formed. Place this steak on a heated grill and cook for about 10 minutes. Turn and cook the other side also. Serve hot garnished with parsley springs.