The Secrets to Living Longer: A Healthy Natural Life

The quest for a longer life has been around since ancient history. Accounts of a legendary fountain of youth, said to restore the youth of anyone who drinks from it, can be seen in writings thousands of years old. Many have gone looking for this elusive fountain but no clear evidence has ever been given to support its existence.

Today, this quest continues. People are still seeking the answer to the question of living a longer, healthy natural life. Many studies on both people and animals have tried addressing this long-standing question and the results suggest that longevity is the result of healthful living and that decisive action is necessary to achieve this.

Others have gone on to observe people who live up to a hundred (and counting) to discover the “secrets to living longer”. Their findings may also give us insights towards a longer, healthy natural life:

  • First, they move naturally. That is, mostly they just walk and do their work with the aid of simple tools.
  • Second, they have the right outlook. They have purpose and they are less stressed.
  • Third, their food intake is plant-based. They eat more beans, nuts and green plants.
  • Lastly, they have good and rewarding family and communal relationships and they are active members of their church.

The requirements for living a longer, healthy natural life haven’t changed much, if at all. Taking care of our physical bodies through proper diet, wholesome environment, appropriate activities and adequate sleep is still the best and most effective way of achieving a longer, healthy natural life. Likewise, we must also take care of our psychological well-being by having the right outlook in life and connecting with both our Creator and our fellow human beings. If there are any secrets at all, it is simply deciding and committing to eat the proper food in the right amounts and living a fulfilling and satisfying life.