The use of apo-metronidazole for skin conditions

I had a bad, bad break-out on Friday and ended up with a smattering of red spots and white pustules all over my face.

Although it has improved a bit, I went to the doctor today anyway, since I’m not an acne sufferer.

She hemmed and hawed about what it might be, speculating that it might be rosacea (doubtful, in my opinion), before finally referring me to a dermatologist and prescribing me apo-metronidazole to use in the interim.

The problem is, when I got the prescription, not only is it pills instead of topical cream (the pharmacist confirms that the prescription was indeed for pills), I looked up its indication online and it’s generally used for vaginal, abdominal and intestinal infections – none of which I have. The topical preparation is sometimes used for the treatment of rosacea, but there’s no mention of the use of the pill for this.

I’m not sure whether she made an error, or whether she has a specific rationale for giving me pills. I’m really not sure whether to take this either!

Does anyone here know whether this medication can be used to treat skin conditions? Will it harm me to take it if I don’t have an infection beyond the skin?
Actually, she’s not my primary physician. I don’t have a GP. She was a doctor at a walk-in clinic. The reason I don’t totally trust the situation is because they’re always in a hurry to get you in and out, and sometimes they make mistakes (like losing parts of my file, as they did the last time I was there). I also think it’s folliculitis, not rosacea, because it happened right after I got waxed on Friday – which I told her.

It’s very difficult to get in touch with the same doctor to verify the prescription – she may not even be there today, and even if she is, the reception desk is constantly swamped. The pharmacist also seemed skeptical about the medication’s use for skin problems.

I kind of wish she’d elaborated on the medication herself – “I’m going to give you this antibiotic, it’s not usually used for rosacea, but X, Y, Z”.

You are right, though. I should stop going to this clinic and get a GP who I can trust and who is not swamped with work.