Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Going Strong

We anticipate the coming of the New Year by setting a personal goal to accomplish. Resolutions signify a new beginning in our lives as we aim to improve and become a better person in the coming year.

Sure we keep at it for a few months but usually we just fall short of our goal. A research on this topic showed that while 52% of the participants were confident of succeeding, only 12% actually did. In another study, 78% of the participants failed.

So the question for most of us is: How can we keep our New Year’s resolutions going strong? How can we stick to it?

First, do not create a list of X resolutions to accomplish for the whole year. Choose only one which is most desirable for you. You will have more chances of keeping your New Year’s resolution going strong by focusing all your energy on achieving just one.

Second, set S-M-A-R-T goals. Your resolution should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based. A general resolution as well as one that aims too high than you can possibly afford or have the capacity to do is bound to fail. Be realistic with your goals and incorporate the element of time. For example, instead of saying “I will engage in sports more often”, choose something like “I will play tennis every Tuesday and Thursday for two hours or from 5pm to 7pm”.

It would also help if other people, such as your family and friends, know about your resolution. Do not keep it to yourself or you’ll just forget about it. When other people know, they can easily remind you and give you a helpful nudge.

Finally, when at first you failed, try again. Most people succeed in accomplishing their resolutions after a couple of tries. When you fail, don’t go blaming yourself. Instead look for the root cause or reasons why you did not reach your goal. Eliminate barriers, revise your plan and try again.

Resolutions are not a one-time effort. Instead view it as a process of creating a new habit or doing away with the old. Follow the guidelines on how to keep your New Year’s resolution going strong above and your one step closer to achieving a new and better you.