Why don’t westerners use natural remedies for health problems?

In some parts of the world they use natural remedies to cure you for many things. You heal fast. These things are not available in the US. They are all man made. Why?

You have a mistaken assumption, to some extent. A lot of natural remedies ARE available in the USA, but you pretty much have to look for them to see them. Many family physicians are not trained in alternative medical care and due to some ignorant practices among americans from years ago, they may tend to lump all alternative medicine together with skepticism, thinking it’s all “old wives tales.” However, to the desparate, those seeking or those with some openness to new things, many people are reexamining alternative treatments for themselves. There are too many people having too many good results to ignore it all.

However, people are also having to figure out the difference between what’s useful & what’s bogus, too. The fake & useless stuff makes it harder for people to believe that any of it is of any use, I think.

Personally, when I got into poor health many years ago and realized it, I didn’t have money for doctors nor did I trust them after seeing what happened with some close relatives in various matters. So, I prayed, trusted God, relearned how to eat properly and also learned about nutrients, herbal healing and sports supplements. I’ve had great results along the way. Also, when reading about what nutrients & chemicals are found in various herbs, it makes sense why some are effective in certain ways, scientifically.